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How long had it been since I touched this journal? :P

Title: Tell Me the Truth
Author: [personal profile] kyrios
Pairing: Nue/Izumi
Rating: PG
Summary: Izumi wants answers, and only Nue can give them to her
Disclaimer: I don't own Air Gear, just my OC

“Kogarasumaru, we will say the same to you!”

“Nue-kun…?” Izumi asked, glancing worriedly at the boy next to her. Not even a few seconds prior, Trident declared they would still remain loyal to Genesis despite the threat of the Takeuchi twins. Did this mean Black Crow was also staying loyal? Nue glanced at Izumi before continuing to speak towards Ikki and the others.

“I think you’ll understand… once you see this…” he said, before removing two contacts from his eyes. Why contacts? Nue didn’t wear glasses… Izumi then gasped a little when she noticed a cross in each of the boy’s eyes. “We are part of the second generation… Just like Noyamano…”

‘Ringo-chan? Wait, we…?’ Izumi thought to herself, glancing at the children of Black Crow around her. Every last one of them had matching crosses in their eyes. ‘What’s going on here?’

“We can’t stand their methods, but… The Takeuchi brothers promised me that they would change the world, and that these kids will be able to live normal lives…” Nue explained. “Well… that’s how it is. Don’t think poorly of us…” Izumi stood there in confusion. Ikki seemed to know what Nue meant by ‘second generation’ since he didn’t say anything about it, but she was in the dark. After the huge meeting of storm riders disbanded, she’d ask her questions.

“N-Nue-kun wait…!” Izumi called out, catching up with Black Crow. Nue, even the kids, stopped and turned towards her. He put a hand on the back of his head sheepishly as she closed the distance between them, herself looking down at the ground.

“Hey… You’re not mad about us staying with Genesis are you…?” he asked. “I know I only briefly explained to you what was happening with them bu—” Izumi interrupted him by holding a hand up.

“I don’t care about that. You know I don’t care about teams or anything and that Kogarasumaru are my friends,” she replied. “I just want to know what’s going on with you and the kids… What’s this ‘second generation’ you mentioned? And why did you mention Ringo-chan too?” Izumi looked up at him, her face full of mixed emotions ranging from sadness to confusion. Nue sighed a little, rubbing the bag of his head before turning to the kids.

“You all go on ahead, ok? We’ll catch up later,” he instructed with a smile. The kids responded with a mixed chorus of okays before they went off on their own. Nue then turned back to Izumi, extending a hand to her. “Come on, I’ll explain things the best I can to you,” he said.

“A-Alright…” she mumbled, taking his hand. “Can we… stop by the convenience store first for a snack?” she asked. Nue chuckled a little and nodded. They made their way to the store that was close to the school and Nue waited outside for her. ‘This is all too much…’ Izumi thought to herself as she browsed the aisles. ‘First Sora-san, who seemed like a perfectly nice guy, turns out to be a total jerk and has a twin brother. Then Spitfire-san is killed by them… And now I find out that something’s different about Nue-kun, and not just him and the kids from the sounds of things…’ Izumi stopped in place and shook her head. Nue said he’d explain it to her as best as he could, so she didn’t need to worry about it at the moment. Picking up a rice ball and bottle of ramune for each of them, Izumi paid for the items and exited the store.

“Ready to go?” Nue asked, standing up from where he’d been leaning against the wall. Izumi nodded, unlocking her back wheels. They headed to the park, knowing there’d hardly be any people there at this hour. When they arrived, they found a bench to sit on and Izumi passed Nue his snack. “Thanks for the food,” he said with a smile as he unwrapped the rice ball.

“You’re welcome,” Izumi replied. They both ate in silence, which was only broken by the sound of the ramune bottles being opened. “Nue-kun…” she spoke up after they’d both thrown away their trash. “Who… what are you? Why did your eyes look like they did?” ‘And why did Ikki seem to already know the answer?’ Nue sighed, looking up at the sky.

“I’m… a product of the Gravity Children Project, or rather the second generation anyway,” he replied.

“Gravity… Children…?” Izumi replied, looking at him. Nue looked at her in return.

“Basically, the Gravity Children are genetic modified children who are raised in zero-gravity conditions and have used A-T’s since birth. Twenty-eight of the Gravity Children from the first generation were able to escape from the Trophaem Tower and integrated with normal human society, though they obviously would suffer the effects of gravity. Anyway, you actually know some of the original Gravity Children,” he explained.

“I do?” Izumi asked, tilting her head in confusion.

“Yep, Simca and… Spitfire,” he replied, glancing away at the mention of the late rider. “I guess in his case though… it’d be knew…” he mumbled, noticing Izumi awkwardly playing with her hair that she’d had Spitfire shorten not too long ago. “A-Anyway… You’ve probably already guessed by now, but the Takeuchi brothers are also of the original Gravity Children. In fact, all the original members of Sleeping Forest were,” he said.

“Even Rika-san?” Izumi asked, remembering something being mentioned about Rika being a part of Sleeping Forest. Nue shook his head.

“Nah, Noyamano Rika was the only one who was a normal human. She just had impressive A-T skills, that’s all,” he replied.

“Ok, but what about you? You said you were ‘second generation’, so I assume that means you were… created sometime after Simca-san and the others left?” Izumi asked.

“Yep, you catch on quickly,” Nue replied, smiling. “Besides myself and the kids, the other second generation gravity Children you know are Noyamano Ringo, Mikan, and Shiraume.”

“Ah, I see…” Izumi said, looking down at her hands. “I’m guessing all Gravity Children have those… crosses in their eyes then?” Nue nodded in reply.

“There are several aspects that set us apart from… ordinary humans like you physiologically; the Twinkle Eye is just the most obvious,” he replied, removing his contacts for the second time that night and looking at her.

“Well… if it makes you feel any better, I think it looks kind of cool,” Izumi said, shyly pushing her hair back and glancing at him with a smile. Nue smiled in return, chuckling as he put the contacts back in.

“So do you understand now?” he asked. Izumi nodded and leaned against his shoulder.

“A little bit,” she replied. “I mean, obviously there is still so much I don’t know about, but that’s not any of my business. I just wanted to know what was going on with you, make sense?” she said, glancing up at him.

“That’s understandable, since I never had any reason to tell you before now. Though… you don’t think I’m weird?” he asked. Izumi shook her head.

“Nope, not at all. So you, Ringo-chan, and Simca-san are a little bit different than people like me and Ikki physically. Big deal, that doesn’t change who you are; you’re still the same people we’ve come to know,” she explained. “If anything, knowing this just makes you more badass in my mind,” she added with a giggle. Nue couldn’t help but bust up laughing at that last comment.

“Good to know I’m more badass now,” he replied with a grin. Izumi then cupped his face and kissed him on the lips. Although he was caught by surprise, Nue placed a hand over hers and returned the kiss.

“Nue-kun, can you promise me something?” Izumi asked after they broke the kiss.

“Sure, what is it?” he replied, a curious look on his face.

“Promise me… you’ll be safe in the upcoming tournament,” she said. “Don’t… end up like Spitfire-san did…” The last sentence was mumbled as she glanced away. Nue felt his heart catch in his throat; he could tell she was genuinely worried considering he admitted that he was going to remain under the men who killed Spitfire. He put a hand on the back of her head and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry, I promise,” he said with a smile. “I also promise you that my ‘normal life’ will be sure to include you in it,” he added, a grin on his face as well as a faint blush. Izumi’s face turned pink, hiding her eyes under her bangs.

“Y-You dummy…” she mumbled, glancing up at him with a small smile. “A-Anyway, we should probably go catch up to the kids now…” she suggested, pushing her hair behind her ear.

“Yeah, they’re probably wondering what’s taking us so long by now,” Nue replied with a nervous laugh.

“Race you there?” Izumi said, standing up and looking back at him. Nue blinked a little before a smirk appeared on his face.

“You are so on,” he replied, standing up.

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