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Title: Nightmares
Author: [personal profile] kyrios
Pairing: Shichiyou/Akira
Rating: PG-13 to be safe for language and mentions of sexy tiems
Summary: Akira has a bad dream, leading him to not get much sleep for the rest of the night.
Disclaimer: I do not own-- Wait a second, I do own Shichiyou and Akira XD They're my OCs! Well, Shichi originally was my friends, but.... XD

What the hell was he dreaming about that was thrashing around so much?

Wait, that wasn’t a dream. In fact, it felt too real to be a dream.

Cracking one eye open, Shichiyou finally realized what was going on. It was Akira! He must be having a nightmare. Shichiyou quickly blinked sleep out of his eyes as fast as he could before he began shaking the younger boy to wake him up.

“Akira…! Akira, wake up!” he said. Akira’s eyes snapped open and he bolted straight up in bed, breathing heavily. Thankfully Shichiyou hadn’t been in a position where Akira could have smacked into him. Akira then turned around and in the darkness, Shichiyou could see he looked distressed. Within seconds, the boy’s face was buried in Shichiyou’s chest as his shoulders heaved up and down in time with his muffled sobs.

A look of pity found its way to Shichiyou’s face and he began to rub Akira’s back gently. He wasn’t sure what kind of nightmare his beloved had had but he wasn’t going to pry. Akira would tell him when he was ready. Eventually, Akira’s sobs quieted down into sniffles and he sat up. Shichiyou was quick to gently cup the boy’s face and wipe his tears away with his thumb.

“Sh- Shichiyou…” Akira said, hiccupping.

“Ssshh… ssshh… It’s alright. It was just a nightmare, Akira…” Shichiyou replied, gently kissing Akira’s forehead. Akira sniffled again and hiccupped.

“I-I know… B-But i-it s-seemed s-so r-real…” he responded, still hiccupping. Shichiyou gave a small sigh as he pulled Akira close, letting him rest his head on Shichiyou’s shoulder. He began rubbing the boy’s back again.

“Do you want to talk about it now or in the morning?” he asked.

“We can talk about it now…” Akira replied sniffling and giving another small hiccup. He waited until his hiccups were gone before he spoke up though. “In my nightmare, Daisuke killed you, mom, dad, Kousuke… everyone close to me. And he had Kenta and Takeshi hold me in place, forcing me to watch as he killed,” Akira explained, not moving from Shichiyou’s shoulder. “I tried to get away but… it was no use, I couldn’t break free. You were actually the last person he killed, and he made you die slowly so we’d both suffer…” He clenched at Shichiyou’s shirt some. “Th-Then, once you were dead, he turned towards at me with a smirk, like he was ready to kill me… That’s when you woke me up…” Shichiyou’s embrace had since tightened around Akira. That bastard, why couldn’t he just leave Akira the fuck alone instead of continuing to torment him?

“It was just a dream, Akira. That ass wipe isn’t going to lay a hand on you, I promise,” he said, gently petting Akira’s hair. Akira nodded and snuggled against Shichiyou some more. “Now try to get back to sleep, ok?” Shichiyou said. Akira nodded and pretty soon was asleep against Shichiyou. “Sweet dreams, love,” he mumbled.

The next morning, Shichiyou was surprised to wake up and find Akira still asleep next to him. Usually by this time, Akira had been up for a few hours and would be trying to get Shichiyou out of bed with a cup of coffee. “Akira? Are you alright?” he asked softly, gently shaking the boy. Akira’s eyes cracked open.

“Morning…” he mumbled. Shichiyou frowned.

“Exactly. What’s wrong? You’re usually up long before I am,” he said, sitting the boy up. Akira made a noise of protest.

“Tired…” he replied. Shichiyou raised an eyebrow as Akira buried himself back in the bed. He carefully got off the bed and exited the room to get the phone. He first called into work, saying he wouldn’t be able to make it in that day and when that was done, he called Kousuke.

“Nishiwaki speaking,” Kousuke’s voice came through the phone.

“It’s me,” Shichiyou replied bluntly.

“Shichiyou? What’s up? You never call unless… Oh god, nothing’s happened to Akira has it? Is he ok?” Kousuke responded, sounding panicked. Shichiyou sighed.

“No idiot, he fine for the most part. Listen; tell your boss he won’t make it to work today. Akira had a really bad nightmare and he’s apparently still tired as hell because I woke up to find him still in bed,” Shichiyou explained. Kousuke gave a whistle.

“Wow, he must be worn out,” he replied. “Alright, I’ll be sure to tell him. Just make sure you take care of Akira, alright?”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Shichiyou responded, unamused. He then hung up and headed back to the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and caressed Akira’s cheek. No signs of him being sick, that’s good. “Akira, love, you need to wake up,” he said. Akira protested weakly.

“Dun wanna…” he mumbled. Wow, what a role reversal. It was usually Akira trying to drag Shichiyou out of bed. Shichiyou sighed and stood up. He then moved the covers and scooped Akira up bridal style.

“Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way. The easy way is that you go and take a shower to wake yourself up and the hard way is that I keep pestering you until you do wake up. Take your pick,” he told the boy, frowning. Akira protested.

“Fine… I’ll go shower…” he mumbled, wandering towards his room to get a change of clothes before heading to the bathroom. Several minutes later, he emerged from the shower with a towel over his head and looking more awake.

“Better?” Shichiyou asked, looking up from his cup of coffee. Akira nodded.

“Sorry…” he said sheepishly.

“Don’t worry about it,” the raven replied, finishing off the coffee. “I’m going to go shower now,” he said as he placed the cup in the sink. Akira nodded as he walked past. The truth was, since he had woken up from the nightmare and tried getting back to sleep, he kept waking up repeatedly the rest of the night. It was no wonder that he was tired. But he couldn’t tell Shichiyou that, he hated worrying him. Akira sighed and went to go sit down on the couch. Somewhere along the way he remembered work because he was suddenly scrambling around the house. Shichiyou came out of the bathroom to find Akira rummaging through his room. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Trying to get ready for work!” Akira replied frantically. Shichiyou sighed.

“I called Kousuke and told him to tell your boss you wouldn’t be in because you were utterly exhausted from lack of sleep,” he said, leaning against the door frame.

“Y-You know I had trouble sleeping last night?” Akira asked. Shichiyou smirked a little.

“I do now,” he replied.

Damn it, he’s good…’ Akira thought. “O-Oh…” Shichiyou sighed and walked over towards Akira, pinning him against a nearby wall.

“How many times do I have to tell you?” he said, burying his face against Akira’s neck. “Stop hiding things from me, dork.”

“Shichiyou… You have no room to talk. There are plenty of things you hide from me,” Akira replied as he stood against the wall.

“I know, and I really need to change that. You’re the only person I open up to because you’re the only person that I trust no matter what,” the raven replied, wrapping his arms around the brunette and holding him close. That made Akira feel a little guilty.

“You’re right… Sorry…” he replied, resting his head against Shichiyou’s shoulder.

“And remember, whatever nightmares you have are just that, nightmares. They aren’t real and never will be,” Shichiyou said, kissing the top of Akira’s head. Akira nodded a little. “Besides, Daisuke probably doesn’t have the balls to actually kill anyone,” he added with a small chuckle. Akira laughed a little too.

“Thanks, Shichiyou,” he said before wrapping his arms around Shichiyou’s neck and kissing him. Shichiyou blinked in surprise but wasted no time in returning it and placing on hand on the back of Akira’s head.

“So… How about we go to a love hotel or something?” Shichiyou asked with a devious smirk when the kiss was broken. Akira’s face instantly turned bright red and he quickly shook his head in the negative. Shichiyou chuckled again and pulled Akira in for another small, quick kiss. “Then we can have our own fun here,” he whispered against the boy’s lips.

“P-Pervert…” Akira replied, averting his gaze. Another chuckle from Shichiyou.

“Only for you, love.”