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mission 005

Title: Izumi's New Haircut
Author: [personal profile] kyrios
Pairing: NueIzumi
Rating: Boderline PG-13 'cause Onigiri is a pig 8|
Summary: Izumi decides it's about time she shorened her long hair.
Disclaimer: I do not own Air Gear. Or Kiyoshi who is briefly mentioned. Oh Great! owns AG and [personal profile] tamamori owns Kiyoshi. I only own Izumi.

“Next please!” Spitfire called, having finished with his previous customer. He only had one customer left and she was arguably his youngest frequent customer. Izumi got up from where she was sitting and headed over to the chair. “So what can I help you with today, Izumi-chan? The usual?” he asked. Izumi shook her head.

“Nah. I’m thinking it’s time to cut it shorter,” she replied.

“Oh? What made you decide that?” Spitfire asked as he put the cape over the girl. Izumi shrugged.

“I think it’s just that long hair gets in the way when I’m ATing,” she replied. “I don’t want it really short though, just to about my shoulder blades,” she added, reaching behind her and touching near her shoulder blades. Spitfire nodded.

“I can do that. Would you like anything else specific?” he asked, picking up the scissors

“I want my bangs the same, but other than that… surprise me?” she replied, glancing over her shoulder. Spitfire chuckled.

“Sure thing,” he said.


“Hey man, I’ve heard there’s some cute girl in our class,” Kazu commented as he, Ikki, Onigiri, Akito, and Buccha walked to class.

“You sure? We know all the girls in our class and they’re ok, but…” Ikki replied, shrugging. Kazu shrugged too.

“Dunno. That’s just what I heard,” he replied. They then slid the door to their classroom open and saw the girls congregated around a desk, with one girl sitting on it. “Hey, isn’t that Sakaguchi’s desk?” Kazu said.

“I think so. I wonder what’s going on,” Ikki replied, putting his bag on his desk.

“Wow, Izumi! You look great!” Emily commented.

“Yeah, who did it?” Yayoi chimed in.

“Spitfire did. He’s who usually cuts my hair,” Izumi replied, lightly pulling some hair to the side as she glanced at it. Spitifre had cut it the length she wanted and even put layers in near the end.

“Well, I will give Spitfire his credit. He is a good hairdresser,” Ringo said.

“What’s up, guys?” Kazu asked as the boys walked over.

“Are you idiots blind? Izumi cut her hair,” Yayoi replied. All five boys looked at Izumi and blinked for a few minutes before their eyes widened.

“Woah, that’s Sakaguchi?!” Onigiri said.

“There’s no way!” Ikki added. All the girls gave them looks that read the boys were idiots while Izumi simply facepalmed.

“Yes it’s me, dumbasses,” she replied, sighing. She didn’t think she looked that different.

“Well, if it counts, I think it looks nice, Sakaguchi,” Kazu said, nodding.

“Mhm! It looks nice!” Akito chirped.

“Yeah,” Buccha added.

“At least you’re not all hopeless…” Ringo replied, sighing.

“Thank you, Kazu, Akito, and Buccha,” Izumi said.

“Hey, don’t get us wrong! I think it looks nice too,” Ikki spoke up.

“Same here. I think she’d look even better nak—” Onigiri didn’t get to finish his perverted sentence before Izumi hopped off the desk and elbowed him hard in the face.

“I’M TAKEN, YOU PERVERTED PIG!” she snapped at him, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Wow, you nailed him good, Izumi,” Emily said.

“He deserved it,” Yayoi said, sighing.

“Speaking of which, has Nue seen your haircut yet?” Ringo asked. Izumi shook her head.

“Haven’t seen him yet. Though Spitfire might have told him,” she replied, shrugging a little.

“What about your brother?” Emily asked.

“I actually did send him a picture with my cell phone,” Izumi commented.

“Then why didn’t you send Nue one?” Akito asked, tilting his head. Izumi shrugged again.

“I kinda wanted to show him in person,” she replied.


Meet me in the park after I get out of school, k? ♥

That’s what the text he received from Izumi had said, so Nue was currently in the park, waiting for her where they usually met up.

“Wonder if she’s going to show me her haircut that Spitfire mentioned,” Nue wondered out loud to himself. All Spitfire mentioned was that it was now a little shorter. When Nue asked about anything else, he was just told ‘You’ll have to see it for yourself.’ “I’m almost afraid to see what he did to her,” he mumbled, sighing.

“Nue!” He heard Izumi’s voice call.

“Hey, I was beginning to wonder where you w--” he replied as he turned in her direction, pausing when he saw her. Spitfire hadn’t been joking when he said it was shorted. In fact, it looked like maybe 10 inches or more of hair was taken off.

“Sorry, about that. I stopped by the convenience store on my way over here,” Izumi said when she stopped in front of him, holding up a plastic bag before pulling two riceballs out. “Want one?” she asked, handing one to him. Nue snapped out of his daze and nodded.

“Thanks,” he replied, smiling as he took it. The two stood there in silence as they ate their snack with Nue stealing glances at Izumi every few seconds. Izumi noticed this and her cheeks turned pink.

“What do you think?” she asked, putting a hand on the back of her head as she looked away shyly. Nue smiled and moved her hand.

“Mhm, Spitfire did a good job. It looks nice,” he said. Izumi blinked a few times before smiling back.

“I’m glad,” she replied.

~~~ Lol, when was the last time I wrote NueIzumi I wonder XD /shot

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