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mission 003

Title: He's Already Asleep
Author: [personal profile] kyrios
Pairing: RedBlue/RedGreen
Rating: PG
Summary: I don't have a better summary so uh.... It's based off of this pic here :D;
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. Or that drawing.

How long had it been since he’d last seen his old rival? Arguably since Red had defeated him and became Champion, because Blue couldn’t recall seeing the boy since. He did, however, remember hearing how Red had abandoned his Champion post because he had gotten bored of the trainers challenging him and decided to go up to Mt. Silver to train, which was where he still was to this day.

Well, today would be the last day for that. Blue had closed the Viridian Gym earlier that morning and was currently heading towards the large mountain with Eevee following him. Not like it mattered, because the gym was frequently closed while its leader was out and about. He soon reached the Pokémon Center at the base of the mountain.

“Something tells me he’s not in there, so I’m not even going to bother,” Blue muttered to himself as he headed into the caves. Ignoring any wild Pokémon he ran into along the way, Blue continued his trek up the mountain. He was determined to make Red stop being an idiot and drag him down from the mountain. He didn’t care if the other trainer didn’t return to his post; Lance seemed to be doing just fine.

By the time he finally reached the top and snow was hitting his face, it was needless to say that the Viridian Gym Leader was worn out. But sure enough, he could see Red up ahead staring out into the distance. Now, Blue could have done the polite thing and walked up to the other trainer to get his attention, but he was feeling more annoyed at the moment. Picking up a nearby rock, Blue chucked it in Red’s direction, pegging him in the head.

It certainly caught Red’s attention as his hand shot up to the spot where it hit. As he rubbed at it, he turned around to glare at whoever threw it only to be met by Blue glaring back at him.

“… Blue,” he said, pulling his hat over his eyes.

“Red,” the other boy replied as he approached him.

“Is there something I can help y-!!” Red started to ask him before Blue slapped him across the face, causing him to fall into the snow.

“How about telling me why the hell you’ve been up here training?! Your mom and Gramps have been worried about you know!” Blue snapped at him. Well, he had been worried too, but like hell he’d admit it. Red glared up at the other trainer, a hand on his now red cheek.

“What I do is my business. Why the hell does it matter to you?” he shot back as he stood up.

“Oh, so you’re perfectly ok with making people worry about you?” Blue asked.

“I still go back home occasionally…” Red muttered, not looking at the brunet.

“Popping in for a change of clothes and a bath occasionally does not count, idiot,” Blue replied. “Besides, look at Pikachu! Does it look like it’s enjoying be up here?” he asked, motioning towards Pikachu. It was shivering and Eevee was trying to keep it warm. Red looked at his Pokémon with a small look of regret in his face. Blue sighed and grabbed the boy’s wrist. “Come on, let’s get you home.”

“But I didn’t say I was…” Red muttered, trailing off as Blue led him away. Maybe he did need a change of scenery. And he really should check up on his other Pokémon. He then happened to notice how exhausted the older boy looked. “Hey, um Blue?”

“What?” Blue replied, not looking behind him. Red rubbed the back of his head a little.

“Do you want some rest? I know of a cave we can sleep in. Snorlax makes a good pillow. And I have a blanket with me,” he muttered. Blue stopped in his tracks. Was his exhaustion that noticeable? Though sleep did sound good. Not only was it already getting dark out, but he spent most of the day climbing the mountain.

“… Fine. Lead the way,” he mumbled. Red nodded and did so. Once they reached the cave, Red brought out Snorlax, who seemed to understand what was going on and went right to sleep on the cave floor. The boys put their bags down and Red pulled a big blanket out of his. As he removed his hat, gloves, and wrist bands, Blue went over and sat down next to Snorlax, leaning against the giant Pokémon.

“Here,” Red said as he brought over the blanket.

“Thanks,” Blue mumbled in reply as he took one end and pulled it over himself. Red sat down next to him and turned to say something only to find that Blue had already passed out.

“He’s already asleep…” Red mumbled. Even Pikachu and Eevee had made themselves comfortable in Blue’s lap and were already asleep. Letting out a small sigh, Red leaned against Snorlax and pulled his half of the blanket over his body. He sat there in silence, listening to only the sound of wind outside the cave and the light breathing of the boy next to him. Red then shifted slightly, resting his head on Blue’s shoulder. “Night,” he mumbled as his eyes drifted shut.

Early the next morning, Blue woke up to find Red asleep next to him and leaning against his shoulder. He felt his cheeks turning pink and was glad that the other boy wasn’t awake to see it. Blue then gave a small contented sigh and nuzzled against Red’s head before falling asleep again.
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D'awwwww~~~ just awwww~ ♥♥

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Mine too, buuu. Even though I'm determined to hurry up and post my Red/Blue drabble based on that picture I showed you. ; A;
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